Apr 23, 2014

Edw4rd – Get Crunked In Space (Bass Chronicles Vol. 1)

Beat for a cruise through the city with a swisher sparked and the bass cranked.

Edw4rd: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud


Apr 22, 2014

DCA – Drop It

DCA is a producer from Chicago who specializes in the darker, heavier side of Dubstep. His new track ‘Drop It’ gives us a hefty dose of sub shattering bass and twisted leads that come together for an extremely aggressive sonic experience. One listen and you will get a taste of DCA’s unique style, don’t forget to grab a free download!

DCA: Soundcloud | Facebook | Youtube


Apr 21, 2014

Savant – How I Roll (Komitoki Remix)

Official remix for the Savant’s contest,the vibe of this remix has been completely changed with an experimental kind of dubstep and downtempo.

Komitoki: Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp


Apr 20, 2014

Soul Science – “Akira” – MNCH015

“Another deep bass meditation from Soul Science, this time sampling and inspired by the anime classic “Akira”. Cold and clinical synths layer the mix in haunting moods before a thick wall of bass penetrates the atmosphere with hard finality. This track is out now on atmospheric drum and bass label Monochrome Recordings.”

Soul Science: Facebook | Beatport | Soundcloud



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