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Jul 6, 2016

SMiTHMUSiX – Independence Day

SMiTHMUSiX Drops First EP on Independence Day Following the successful June 17 release of his new single, ‘Summertime Fling (ft. Alyshah)’, EDM
Trap/Twerk artist SMiTHMUSiX aka Stickman launched the first single from his new Trap/Future Bass EP ‘Stick It to the Man’ titled “Independence Day” on July 4th. The EP features collaborations with Jamaican artist RATIGAN and UK artist LADEE LUSH. The 5 track EP will feature ‘Independence Day’, ‘Lose Control’, ‘Flip that Pigeon’, FCKU’, and ‘Dab This’. The first 3 tracks will be available for free download at The Artist Union.
‘Stick It to the Man’ is SMiTHMUSiX’s first full length EP, and features a mix of moods and styles within the Trap/Twerk genre. Each track will be released over the coming months. The album incorporates non-earthlike sounds with futuristic vibe, and tracks vary between dark, hard, head bob, hard drops, and strong, while sticking to SMiTHMUSiX’s spacey storytelling style.
- Independence Day – July 4th: Tells SMiTHMUSiX’s story by taking you inside of a UFO that is about to crash. The track features powerful beats, exciting rhythm, tension, and big sounds.
- Lose Control – August 1st: Party Twerk track with a summer vibe featuring powerful and freaky, dance rhythms in the Jamaican Trap Sound style.
- Flip That Pigeon September 1st: A BIGROOM/Festival style song incorporating dramatic storytelling themes and crowd clapping with audience participation, based around a Robin Hood-style theme.
- FCKU October 1st: A complex Hard Trap, Party, Big Room-Festival track with a powerful and hard feel. The song features 2 movie characters to add flavor to the buildup before the drop hits – party track
- Dab This October 1st: Trap song, with a smooth feel and crazy chops, building intensity to create the “need” to dab.
SMiTHMUSiX, who also goes by the name Stickman, has made a name for himself with his creative stage show, elaborate backstory, and his unique sound. His stage persona is one of the most elaborate in the Trap/Twerk niche, and that, in combination with his music, is drawing him attention around the web, and at shows. His recent accomplishments include ‘Summertime Fling (ft. Alyshah)’ available as a freebee on The Artist Union, which featured Leeds Singer/Songwriter Alyshah on vocals, and a remix of the hit single ‘Nils van Zandt & Nicci – Up and Down (SMiTHMUSiX Remix)’, which is available on Beatport and Soundcloud.

After crash landing in 2013, SMiTHMUSiX made Earth his temporary home, and with the help of a few friends, he aims to take the world by storm with his first love, EDM Trap, and hopefully earn enough to repair his spaceship and return home.

Contact Information
Manager: (Contact for interviews, quotes, and pictures)
SMiTHMUSiX – ‘Stick It to the Man’ (EP), 1st single: “Independence Day” availability: Free download – July 4th at The Artist Union

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Apr 25, 2016

Craft Music Life – I AM LIFE

1.Full Name:
Engel Caceres

2.Artist Name:


4.Music Genre:

5.Home Town:
Washington, D.C.

6.Key Quote you like to say:
All that I am is for you. Wish you the best!

7. Tell my about yourself:
I believe in a world that can be love, that’s why I want to craft songs that will have a positive emotion on
the listener. I believe we are all the same, so if uour not happy, neither can I be.

8. Why did you become a artist:
I love music, I wanna share my art with everyone. I wanna impact people’s heart. I wanna impact the
world in a positive way, and I’m at it already!

9. Goals in life:
Be the best version of me. Create for the benefit of all. Love unconditionally, help as many as I can.
Change the game!

10. With does your artist name mean to you:
CraftMusicLife means a lot. Craft; Crafting with your hands, Music; a mix of sounds in harmony
together, life; we are all one. It means my pure existence. CraftMusicLife is the ID I wouldn’t mind
having in my askin.:)

Music Producer: Corey Miles Brown
Phone Number: 646-360-8399

Craft Music Life: Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram


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