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Mar 14, 2012

Dubstep Merchandise

Dubstep T Shirts

Dubstep is one of the fasting growing and most popular genre of music today. With that, companies and people started to design many types of dubstep t shirts to to fill the demand. Shop through thousands of different dubstep merchandise and dubstep clothing and stand out from the crowd with a dubstep t shirt. Shop Now!


Jan 24, 2012

How To Make Dubstep

how to make dubstep

how to make dubstep beatsWant to learn how to make dubstep music? DUBturbo is an electronic, digital audio workstation designed for the purpose of editing, recording and playing music. DUBturbo is an innovative, easy and affordable option available in demand for digital music production software. DUBturbo software helps you combine your own music with excellent quality from the comfort of your home at a fraction of cost of an expensive studio.

You can choose any contemporary style of music like dubstep, drum and bass, electronic, hip hop, rap, disco, R & B, jazz and many more. It includes 16-track sequencer, which helps you, to produce, create and arrange music in your own unique style. The software comes with drum kit, which includes hundreds, of different sound effects. You can also import your personal music kit and sound effects to personalize your music. You can combine this program in the studio to enhance the sounds you make.

It has many features like open key editors for effective editing and is highly proficient in importing WAV files, which many other software aren’t able to do. The software contains everything that is required to create your own music, so you don’t need to purchase additional equipment or other software. The program helps beginners, semi-professionals and intermediate music producer provide quality and excellent tracks.

To use the program, you don’t need to be a music production pro. It comes with a comprehensive video training course which teaches you how to use DUBturbo step by step. Once you purchase the software, you can download it by following the links. You can even access it remotely through the website if you are away from home and can send the files to your studio back home. The software uses 44.1k wave file that gives more depth to your sound track and provides real sound of the music equipment. It will give you the same quality music that is created in a studio or that goes on a CD.

There are several digital music production software available in the market, but DUBturbo beats them. It is developed for professionals and amateur producers alike; it boosts your talent and skills to deliver exceptional sound tracks. The program is surprisingly easy to navigate, and it comes with four octave keyboard which lets you make melody both with high and low notes.

how to make dubstep musicIt is not mp3 but a complete digital audio workstation. The demo version of the software is accessible online, so you can check it out. The program includes royalty free beats, thousand samples of beat plus 16-track sequencer and 10 track drum machine. It comes with 3 panel interface and you can make sound tracks in wave format, which gives studio sound quality. You can control the tempo of the beat and of each channel at every stage. The software lets you make real music. Moreover, the company backs the software with 60 days guaranteed 100% refund if the software doesn’t work or if you are not satisfied with the product.

- Cost: $199 $67 $39.95*

- Professional Beat Production Software

- PC and Mac Compatible

- Instant Software Download

- User Friendly

- Step by Step Video Tutorials

- Full 60 Day No Questions Asked Refund Policy

(*This special offer may end without notice.)

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Jan 10, 2012

Monstercat Best of 2011 Dubstep Album

Remix of the best dubstep songs by Monstercat. Monstercat Best of 2011 Dubstep Album.


Dec 23, 2011

Blue and Red Dubstep Wallpaper

This dubstep wallpaper is filled with the word dubstep. The word dubstep goes across the whole picture many times and it comes in 2 different styles, blue and red.

Blue Dubstep WallpaperRed Dubstep Wallpaper

Dubstep Wallpaper Close BlueDubstep Wallpaper Close Red


Dec 5, 2011

History of Dubstep

Unlike the general beliefs, the dubstep is not actually a music genre. It is a subgenre of electronic music. Unlike a serious genre, this one is relatively young. Over the last years, the fans decided it is the only subgenre of electronic music to be promoted. These days, it became the most popular style in this domain. The history of dubstep is relatively short and includes about 20 mentionable artists. It also has no message. It doesn’t transmit anything. Unlike some other genres people use to transmit a feeling, a state or a rhythmic base, a dubstep beat doesn’t suggest such things. It is a robotic genre that a lot of people cannot understand anything out of it. The fans think differently though.
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