Apr 25, 2016

Craft Music Life – I AM LIFE

1.Full Name:
Engel Caceres

2.Artist Name:


4.Music Genre:

5.Home Town:
Washington, D.C.

6.Key Quote you like to say:
All that I am is for you. Wish you the best!

7. Tell my about yourself:
I believe in a world that can be love, that’s why I want to craft songs that will have a positive emotion on
the listener. I believe we are all the same, so if uour not happy, neither can I be.

8. Why did you become a artist:
I love music, I wanna share my art with everyone. I wanna impact people’s heart. I wanna impact the
world in a positive way, and I’m at it already!

9. Goals in life:
Be the best version of me. Create for the benefit of all. Love unconditionally, help as many as I can.
Change the game!

10. With does your artist name mean to you:
CraftMusicLife means a lot. Craft; Crafting with your hands, Music; a mix of sounds in harmony
together, life; we are all one. It means my pure existence. CraftMusicLife is the ID I wouldn’t mind
having in my askin.:)

Music Producer: Corey Miles Brown
Phone Number: 646-360-8399
Email: dukedowepp@gmail.com

Craft Music Life: Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram


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