Jan 24, 2012

How To Make Dubstep

how to make dubstep

how to make dubstep beatsWant to learn how to make dubstep music? DUBturbo is an electronic, digital audio workstation designed for the purpose of editing, recording and playing music. DUBturbo is an innovative, easy and affordable option available in demand for digital music production software. DUBturbo software helps you combine your own music with excellent quality from the comfort of your home at a fraction of cost of an expensive studio.

You can choose any contemporary style of music like dubstep, drum and bass, electronic, hip hop, rap, disco, R & B, jazz and many more. It includes 16-track sequencer, which helps you, to produce, create and arrange music in your own unique style. The software comes with drum kit, which includes hundreds, of different sound effects. You can also import your personal music kit and sound effects to personalize your music. You can combine this program in the studio to enhance the sounds you make.

It has many features like open key editors for effective editing and is highly proficient in importing WAV files, which many other software aren’t able to do. The software contains everything that is required to create your own music, so you don’t need to purchase additional equipment or other software. The program helps beginners, semi-professionals and intermediate music producer provide quality and excellent tracks.

To use the program, you don’t need to be a music production pro. It comes with a comprehensive video training course which teaches you how to use DUBturbo step by step. Once you purchase the software, you can download it by following the links. You can even access it remotely through the website if you are away from home and can send the files to your studio back home. The software uses 44.1k wave file that gives more depth to your sound track and provides real sound of the music equipment. It will give you the same quality music that is created in a studio or that goes on a CD.

There are several digital music production software available in the market, but DUBturbo beats them. It is developed for professionals and amateur producers alike; it boosts your talent and skills to deliver exceptional sound tracks. The program is surprisingly easy to navigate, and it comes with four octave keyboard which lets you make melody both with high and low notes.

how to make dubstep musicIt is not mp3 but a complete digital audio workstation. The demo version of the software is accessible online, so you can check it out. The program includes royalty free beats, thousand samples of beat plus 16-track sequencer and 10 track drum machine. It comes with 3 panel interface and you can make sound tracks in wave format, which gives studio sound quality. You can control the tempo of the beat and of each channel at every stage. The software lets you make real music. Moreover, the company backs the software with 60 days guaranteed 100% refund if the software doesn’t work or if you are not satisfied with the product.

- Cost: $199 $67 $39.95*

- Professional Beat Production Software

- PC and Mac Compatible

- Instant Software Download

- User Friendly

- Step by Step Video Tutorials

- Full 60 Day No Questions Asked Refund Policy

(*This special offer may end without notice.)

How To Make Dubstep Review 2

DUBturbo is for those enthusiasts who are looking for a cost-effective way on how to make dubstep beats. That said; this program allows musicians to create their own dubstep beats and sounds without any big investment or professional skills. There are many creative talents in the world of music, but not all can afford to join the costly music classes, have a personal music studio, or hire drum or bass experts. But with the talented DUBturbo, all these needs get vanished.

This software is certainly an instinctive and supportive piece of software in the field of music. Although a majority of the features of this program may seem complicated at first, they are quite simple to use and navigate. Starting with the training videos to learn the software, this package comes with premium updates, instrumental pack, movie and mood music, a sequencer, four premium sample packs, and premium updates (for 20 years).

This extremely efficient software, with these ingredients, aids you in making a remarkable dubstep music recipe. They are such that both a layman and professional can compose really good beats without the need of any secondary support. Whether you are a music composer or an optimistic artist, this software facilitates amazing creations without any hassle!

Frankly speaking, many online reviews say that this application is more recommended for the beginners or learners. This is mainly because this software facilitates downloading video tutorials that teaches how to use the software very fluently. Well, with this, it would not be wrong to say that you can easily make your first track in just 60 minutes.

Moreover, this software allows the composers to add their previously composed beats or songs so that they can then add some great effects to their work of art. Apart from that, you can download thousands of beats and use them as well. After such importing and processing, you can finally export the final make and share it via a CD. And yes, you can also choose to convert it into MP3, WAV, and other formats.

In this review, it is worth to mention that the best part of this app is its all-encompassing nature. By this, I mean that it includes all bases that works well on any functioning platform such as the PC and MAC. In most cases, this software is used to compose online dubstep music, as you need to use the sounds to convert them into beats. However, the value of this software is certainly way beyond. Using DUBturbo, you can also fulfill your dream of creating your own studio where you can record and create tracks while enjoying the comfort of your home.

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