Aug 9, 2013

Izzy Church – The Rainbow

Hailing from New York, NY by way of Sacramento, California, Izzy Church is an American artist who has split her time in between her acting career, music and writing.

Her music career was initially sparked from one of her roles in the sci-fi dramedy TV series “Eve & the Bigger Apple”, where she portrays the lead character, a singer in the rock and roll band “Sexual 222′s”.
Fiction soon became reality as Izzy managed to release her debut EP “Lovers Throne”, a balanced compromise between an organic fusion of rock, punk and electronics with a pop twist. Izzy has been influenced by a diverse group of artists including David Bowie, Madonna, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan and Nirvana, to name a few.

Singles such as Summertime, Sound of the Universe and The Rainbow have beats that are sticky sweet and you can’t help but get up on the dance floor and rock that sound to the wild energy and infectious melodies.

Izzy Church: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube


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