Jul 15, 2014

LYRA Online – Hero

Artist from Ukraine introduces her “Hero”

“My first song “Hero” is not about the recent events at the Maidan, not about the revolution of dignity, which took place in my country, and not about our current war with Russia. It’s about feelings, about love, about the Man that every girl wishes to have beside her. I’m sure these feelings are familiar not only for the Ukrainians, but for every citizen of our planet. And I want that in every girl’s life the time comes when you can look in the eyes of another person and proudly say: “You are my hero”, – says LYRA.

LYRA also states that in her country – Ukraine – the word “hero” is associated with war, struggle. “But, really, it’s so cool when there’s a man in your life who can make you safe from enemies, from a bad mood, hasty doings etc. So I sincerely wish every girl, woman, to let the Love in their hearts and meet their one and only beloved man. Because where love is, there’s always peace and happiness”, – says the artist.

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