Dec 18, 2016

S h r 0 0 m z ✮ HEFE HEETROC

Hefe Heetroc’s musical prowess was a fait accompli long before he picked up a microphone. With the resurgence of 90’s influenced rap, his single Shr00mz is obviously influenced by the slew of underground Hip-Hop heads that have preceded it in its creation: Sterile Cloudrap beats soaked in a grungy trip hop sonic stew; all while dirty synths belch their menacing rasp. It’s very hard to boil down, or rather pin down, a definitive style or genre that Shr00mz as a single is. What we do have here is an L.A.-disenfranchised stoner, a mutant rap gumbo of different styles, fused together. -1inmusic review


Dec 16, 2016

UZ – Magellan EP (The Remixes)

Bursting from Quality Goods Records comes ‘Magellan’ EP (The Remixes), a string of remakes that are based around a variety of tunes from the label head himself. Check them out below!

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Dec 11, 2016

Ghost Island – DanoSongs

‘Ghost Island’ new EDM Trap song with vocals! Electronic music mix from!



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