Nov 6, 2016

Flavor (Super Stylers Remix Clean) by Wes Roby by A.L.E Records

Dj’s report Wes Roby’s “FLAVOR”(Super Stylers Remix) fills up the dance floor. Bartenders say it increases drink sales.

“Flavor is the style in which you feel most comfortable. Whoever you are – that’s your FLAVOR.” @WesRoby

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Oct 26, 2016

Bass & Modulated Frequencies – Zombie Invasion

This part ape part human creature was made in an experiment gone wrong. The initial reaction was to destroy the creature, but once the scientists heard what come from any computer he touched they decided to cage the creature.

Now in a Long Island lab, caged, this creature stays in contact with the world with the only tool he has. His computer.

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