Aug 14, 2017

Michael Star – Jamaica

Artist: MichaelStar

Song: Jamaica

Produced By: Magnedo & JvonOnTheBeat

Released: 2017

Label: Lee Danja Worldwide, LLC

Available: iTunes / Google Play / Spotify / Amazon


2017 MICHAEL STAR debuts his brand new hit song, “Jamaica,” produced by JvonOnTheBeat and Grammy Award Winner, Michael ” Magnedo” Crawford, the first single of many to be released off his upcoming soon to be titled album. This track is a remake of the classic Fats Domino hit song “Kansas City” fused with a heavy drum and bass track overplayed by the smooth tones of Michael Star delivering his patois style lyrics inspired by the country of his origin. Michael states when he heard the original song he was instantly drawn to it and could reflect on how he would anticipate his family vacations to the island of Jamaica to enjoy the food, sunshine and beautiful beaches……..

This song adds a refreshing new sound to the music industry and a must have in your playlist for all ages and guaranteed to leave you wanting more. “Let’s Go To Jamaica”

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Phone: 404.957.8200

Michael Star: Website | Youtube | Soundcloud | IG | FB | Twitter


Aug 12, 2017

FameLife (Radio Edit) Feat Matthew Strive – Axelbreeze

Please enjoy Matthew strives debut song famelife.

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Aug 9, 2017

I See Stars (Radio Edit) Feat ZipZipper – Axelbreeze

ZipZipper the virual sensation creation of the song Slenderman Has collaborated with AxelBreeze to release a Dance track. please enjoy.


Aug 3, 2017

Chris Martines – Breaks My Heart

The track “Breaks My Heart” is an EDM/Pop track created and produced by German producer, Chris Martines, and written and performed by award-winning NYC recording artist, Lachi. The track is a single off of “Fairy Tale” an EP released by ARA Recordings on July 28. Chris Martines shows off some phat synths, while Lachi shows off some powerful vocals.