Jan 13, 2013

Raerock – Free the People – Get Up Stand Up

If you like intense rhythms and electronica, you will love this.” So goes the Jamsphere.com review of Raerock’s latest release, a Dubstep infused reinterpretation of Bob Marley’s “Get Up Stand Up”. The review continues: “Quite frankly, this track is a strange beast, especially if you’re a die-hard Marley fan like me. Part dubstep, part glitch house, part electro…part lots of things. Yet it all adds up to a very unique sound that will have your sub blasting and you’ll start doing the wobble.
“Get Up, Stand Up (Free The People),” kicks hard, tight, and boomy all at the same time. The vocals is at the very least, dissonant and even disturbing at times, but you absolutely can not stop bobbing your head or tapping your feet all along. The thing with this version here is, although it may sound like a bunch of random noises at first, it really grows on you, and this is exactly what happens when you mix the traditional beats of electro and house music, and twist them up with all of the filth and ingenuity of dubstep

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