Jul 4, 2011

Top 10 Dubstep Songs

Top 10 dubstep songs with sick drops. Here is ten minutes of the top 10 dubstep songs on youtube. Happy 4th of July!



  • So apparently I have been sleeping and missed whenever dubstep dropped the f****** bass on the world. Is there anyone who can comment with a artist and tracklisting of the songs in this video? Dubstep is my new best friend and I am trying to immerse myself in this kick a** genre!

    • yeah click the youtube button on the video player and they list the tracks in the description

      1. Tek-One – Broken String
      2. Koan Sound – Akira
      3. Hurley – Closer
      4. Borgore (Amp) – Guided Relaxation Dub
      5. Rusko – woo Boost
      6. Mt Eden Dubstep – Sierra Leone
      7. Rusko & Caspa – Custard Chucker
      8. Rusko & Caspa – Bread Get Bun
      9. Rusko – Hammer Time
      10 . Cookie Monsta – Ginger Pubes

      • Bro hella props to your selections. Some good a** hyphe steppa

    • Search up Klaypex. Most of their songs have great drops

    • bare noize is missing

  • One time i wrapped my body up in twine and layed in the grass for 10 days until i grew wings. Then i flapped them as hard as i could.

    • redbull gives you wings in minutes….. ACid works better though.

  • Of course this is your opinion but it is easy to see that you dont get to far from generic. Rusko is great but 4 out of the top 10? I see no Skrillex, blackmill, Adventure club dubstep, basenectar, doctor p, flux pavillion… I can go on all day but I do think this can be revised to show a little more quality and not quantity. Personally my favorite sond by Rusko is the subfocus remix “Hold on”… its not on here…

  • I agree with Robryno Flux Pavillion is definitely my favorite DUB artist next to Skrillex but this video has some good songs 1 and 2 are my favorites though

  • I seemed to have just found out about dubstep, through my favorite, Tetris, by Doctor P, and then i realized dubstep came out in the late 1990s I have had no idea this came out

  • bogores-love

  • idk what dubstep was until now wow its weird yet amazing

  • just put up Skrillex, burial, flux and noisia on that list and i’ll be a freaking happy dubhead!!
    Bang on b3aT!!

    (nurse: Doctor, We losing him, there’s no pulse… no beat at all!!)
    (doctor P: turn on some bass I got a dub beat for him right here… charge!!!)

    HE’S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • noisia – could this be!!!!!!!?????????

  • louder by dj fresh/flux pavilion

  • Where is the skrillex & afrojack? I would like to hear more of them.

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